Gosh! Everyone said this is a great movie and it has received mostly positive reviews yet it disappointed me!

The special effect is great, especially in the beginning and at the end part. I like the fighting scenes of autobots and deceptions, the looks of some transformers, such as the scorpion and the dwarf one (the comedian boom box). The things I don’t know or even get more confused are: what are the names of these transformers and what is the function of the cube? And why Sam’s parents cannot hear the soarings of the huge transformers when they look out of the windows?

I have never been a fan of transformers, so it’s understandable that I don’t know much of them, I cannot tell each of them from their appearance, and I don’t know their names. After watching the movie, I remembered only two names of the transformers: the BumbleBee and Megatrum. Other names are mentioned only a few times, or even not mentioned at all (the scorpion). It may be redundant to those transformer fans, but for ignorants like me, it’s necessary to give me this kind of information.

The cube gives me more confusions. Where is its origin? What it is a cube-like thing and how come it can change into a small cube? Where did the S-7 find it? If it was near Megatrum, why not did Megatrum get it and change its shape? And, why it becomes deadly hot when inserted into the chest of Megatrum and causes the death of him?

I have read the related articles in Wikipedia and still I have lots of questions. Maybe I should go over the cartoons years ago, or I should talk to some transformer fans.

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