The Hobbit

This book is the prelude to the famous trilogy of The lord of the ring, talking about the unwanted adventure of Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit who went through great perils with his fellows of dwarfs and Gandolf the wizard. During the travel, when trapped in the tunnels of Goblines, Bilbo found a ring when makes the wearer invisible, and he encountered Gollum, the pitiful devil creature who talks to my precious and cursed to eat cold fish all his life. During the end of the adventure, Bilbo helped Thorin, the descent of King of the under mountain, found the treasure of the dragon. The dragon, Smaug, got so infuriated that he flamed everywhere in the mountain, but could not find the dwarfs and the hobbit because they hid in some cave. Finding the men in the Lake Town might have helped the dwarfs and the hobbit, the dragon flew to the running river to kill the men, but instead he was shot to death by the great shooter of the men, later the new Lord of Dale.

I used to thing the story should end right here: the dragon got killed, the treasure found, and the hobbit should come back and enjoy his life. But no. The men came to ask Thorin reward for their help and redeem for their loss, and Thorin, who would rather sit on the gold and silver, said the dwarfs would not give out a shit under force. And Thorin had asked the dwarfs from other area come to help establish their realm. The men also got help from the Elvesking. A war seemed inevitable. But Bilbo took some treasure stone and gave it to the men and when Thorin found it, he claimed the fact and explained that he had the right to take his share of the treasure, as promised by the dwarfs. Since this stone embodies all the glory of the dwarf kingdom, Thorin had to give fourteenth share of the treasure to the men to exchange it, and the men gave the appropriate portion of the treasure to the elves, but Bilbo accepted nothing except a bag of gold and another of silver. By that time, the Goblins came and the war of five armies started. Five armies, because it included the men, the elves, the dwarfs, the goblins, and the wargs. Thorin was severely injured and before his death, he asked Bilbo for forgiveness.

So this is the Western way of handling difficulties. I was wondering if there would be a war between the men and the dwarfs, even after I got to know Bilbo helped the men to negotiate. But here, the dwarfs and the men were willing to negotiate, though they seemed grim when talking and they did not stick to what they want. Sometimes you just cannot control everything, and you have to negotiate.

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