Pavarotti died!

This was a news that suddenly hit my heart! A man with one of the most beautiful voices in our time left the world, leaving the world a rich legacy of unforgeable arias, songs, duets, and opera performances.

I can see in the coming months, numerous CDs, DVDs, titled as "Collection of Luciano Pavarotti" will appear in Walmart, along with various singers. And people will pay to have a memory of him. Biographies of him will also come up in different languages.

But when he was still in this world, when he was suffering from cancer, when he was almost out of our sight in the media, did he think of his death? I bet yes. In a cozy afternoon, when he was better than normal, he would daydream about what people will do to memorize him, how many CDs and DVDs will be published in memory of him, how long he will be talked. How he will conclude his own life? I don’t know, yet I hope he would feel that at least he had brought love and happiness to some people.

And that is the life. You just leave, no matter what the others will talk about you, you never know. But if you think you have experienced the life in full, if you had some happiness in your days, if you had done something helpful to others, then it is a good life.

And better if you left something that others can pay tribute to you.

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