How to say “o” in Hanyu Pinyin system?

How to say O in Hanyu Pinyin? A discussion in aroused my interest in further learning Pinyin System, and this is the most authoritative article I have found.

It says:

o [uɔ] o starts with English "oo" and ends with a plain continental "o".

Plus, How to tell people how to say my name by using IPA system?


Note: ch with no aspiration (take the sound halfway between joke and church and curl it upwards); very similar to merger in American English, but not voiced.
as in German Angst, including the English loan word angst (starts with the vowel sound in father and ends in the velar nasal; like song in American English)
like q, but unaspirated. (To get this sound, first take the sound halfway between joke and check, and then slowly pass it backwards along the tongue until it is entirely clear of the tongue tip.) While this exact sound is not used in English, the closest match is the j in ajar
as i + ê + n; like English yen
something between the l in English and the continental r
as i + ang

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