How to survive in America?

The book of Iris Chang posted another question: How did, and will the Chinese survive, and prosper in America?

The first generation of Chinese came to America in the gold rush in California. They came with nothing but a dream to become rich within a few years of hard working. Some of them did find gold and became rich, yet most of them lived in hell and had to find a way to support their daily living, in a country where the language and people alien to them. Menial work was the only thing they could have, but soon some found to earn an affluent living by running Chinese restaurants, being brokers, and exploiting other Chinese.

Then the second generation which came to America in the 60s of 20th century with high education and tended to live not in Chinatown but academic towns. For a while they thought they could live like their fellow Caucasian scientists and professors, only later to find out they still were seemed alienable. 

Things were the same for the third generation of Chinese who came mostly from mainland China, either with high education background or smuggled illegal Fujian people. They happened to experience the same problems as the first and second generations, and most of them survived and moved into upper-middle classes.

The hidden motivation for these Chinese to go abroad and work harder, either as dish-washers in Chinese restaurants, or rank-and-file scientists in NASA, was nothing but the pursuit for a safe environment for themselves and for their children. And of course, the better chance.


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