Iris Chang: The Chinese in America

One theme of Iris Chang in this book is the racism that the Chinese American encounters. Chinese workers were paid less, wrongly accused for espionage, banned to enter America, and so on so on. These, of course, were evidence of racism and people nowadays should fight to eliminate, and it’s better to retell these stories again and again in purpose to prevent us to do wrongs to others again.

But the worst things ever done to Chinese were done by Chinese, not Japanese, not American, no one else. Just read the history book about China, especially the PRC, you will see many, many unimaginable cruel things those Chinese dictators, and their followers, have experimented on obedient, smart, hard-working, and optimistic Chinese people. And it did not happen in communist mainland China, but also KMT dominated Taiwan, which supposed something deep in the blood of Chinese people and its social and cultural tradition.

to be continued…

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