Imagine when you are working with a statistical question, or a mathematical problem. You tried and tried, yet it seemed the answer lies beyond your reach. You recall every knowledge you have learned, and you explore into every possible method, you have spent hours and hours in this question, and still you are stuck there! It would drive you crazy!

And why? It might be because of a simple typo. A simple mistake of a number, or a word, and the background of the question would be changed and the answer would be impossible, and all your effort would be wasted. Of course, sometimes the typo is easy to detect and it would not give too much trouble. However, if there are hundreds of numbers in rows and columns, could you pinpoint it in the beginning? I doubt that.

A typo of number is not like that with a word. Most of the time when you encounter with a typo when reading, you know it. Bad spelling is just like bad grammar, which gives some people a feeling of uneasiness. And if you have seen too many typos in an article, you may lose interest in that article, no matter how important the topic is, or even you will not read the words from the same author, because simply, if an author does not respect the medium of communication and the reader by reducing those typos, those simplest mistakes which could be eliminated by looking into dictionaries, you don’t need respect the author, reciprocally.

Some typos are easy to remove by proofreading by some professional writers or consulting some dictionaries, and some others by doing the calculation again like those in statistics. Yet there are some typos even most erudite people may make, such as words with similar spellings, synonyms, and words with minute differences. That is why even in today’s scientific journals and revised textbooks, you can find typos if you are a hypercritic reader. If you want to publish something, remember, always proofread carefully before you submit it to your reader. Because you need respect them!


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