The human sexes

Desmond Morris, a famous researcher on primates, produced this 6-episode series for Discovery Channel in 1998 about one of the most mysterious and fascinating aspect of the human life: sex.

Yes I have watched the whole series. It is interesting, with so many trivia that I did not know before. It explored human sexual life from early to modern time, from Africa to America. Some of the statements I still remember are:

1. The etiology of honeymoon. It started in Greek where people believe that honey could help the newly-wedded couple to produce children, and a month together far away from others could ensure that their child belongs to them, since one month is the time to make sure the woman is pregnant.

2. Why love fades after a few years. This is because love, an emotion so strong that stimulate men and women to seek intercourse, is the nature’s call to disperse the genes you have. Once the the genes are transferred to the next generation and after a few years, the descendent looks fine to live without parents (in the old time), then, it’s time to seek new lover and spread your genes again.

3. Why men always love young women? Simply because the young women are more suitable to carry out their children. Of course, this facet could be very much covered in the history.



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