Women read more than men?

National Public Radio (NPR) reported in Sep, 05, 2007 that, except for the categories of history and biography, women tend to read more than women. This is especially explicit in fictions: Women consume 80% of the novels. This may not be my impression of people’s reading habits in China, but it may be the fact in America.

The author of the article, Eric Weiner, concluded that scientists have extrapolated a few explanations. It may be developed under the influence of the environment: young girls are taught to sit peaceful and read more while boys could have more time to play in the fields. Another explanation may be that women have more empathy capabilities, which could be the key factor in appreciating the emotional elements of the fictions, that people with stronger empathy capabilities may be more possible to put themselves in the shoes of the fictional figures and feel the lives of these nonexistent people.

It is long known that the empathy capability is related to mirror neuron system. This was even mentioned in this article. It’s just 12 years since it was discovered in Macaque monkeys and now it is even mentioned in public radio talking about reading habits.

Click here for the article. 


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