Residential Evil: Extinction

Milla Jovovich is really a hot babe, even though she’s with the zombies all the time from 2002 Residential Evil to 2004 and now to the new installment in 2007. And there is another hot babe, Ali Larter (Nikki in the TV series Heroes).


The film really sucks. As one reviewer said, all the scary effects were made by sudden big Bangs and Wos – a deaf person may not get shocked and a blindfolded could easily figure out the synopsis. Project Alice was not well explained, and there lacks good explanation to the extinction of the human on the land: as one reviewer pointed out, if the zombies could be stopped by a 4-feet high fence, why the others could not stop them?


I just hope I could eliminate all those zombies and just watch at Milla and Ali. We love hot babes.



One Response to “Residential Evil: Extinction”

  1. Cheng Says:

    Actually, zombies are cute!

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