Contra: the Game I Loved

First, watch this speed run of Contra – about 13 minutes.

If the embedded youtube does not appear, click this.

This Contra was first published in 1987, and soon became popular worldwide. I’d say, this is one of the most popular games ever made, along with others such as Super Mario Bro, Street Fighter, etc.

I still remember the days when I rode to Hui’s home and spent a sweet afternoon with him playing Contra. He would make some noodles for us (and I guess this is the only thing he could make at that age), and then we would start to play. Some of the games were easy, and some were not my favorite. My first love was Contra, which I could never go to the end and challenge the big boss, even with the cheat code and having 30 lives. The other games I loved were 1942, a scrolling flight and shooting game, and road runner (I am not sure of the name now) with small cars and trucks speed racing. I was so dumb with these games, and Hui could easily beat me down. Anyway, I just loved them. In the painful years of transiting from child to teenager, these games gave me a lot of fun.

And now, I have to wonder, why some of the games are so addictive? For example, Tetrix is such a simple game, yet it has fascinated generations of people, and it seems this game will never die. These days games are becoming more and more complicated, more and more beautiful and colorful, but may they give people the same degree of fun? Really, I am not sure.


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