A Christmas Carol

I just finished Charles Dickens novella A Christmas Carol, a story of a skinflint business man Ebenezer Scrooge, who, after the death of his partner, has no friend ever since for 7 years and hated Christmas the most. He asks his employee to come to work early on Christmas day because, he refuses the invitation of his nephew for the Christmas party, and he bluntly revoked the idea of philanthropy to poor miners. The night, when he retires to his dark, lonely residence, a ghost visits him, the one of his dead partner, who shares the same idiosyncrasies with Mr. Scrooge, and complains about the pains and punishment in his after life, and warns Mr. Scrooge of the same fate to come. The ghost also says that the ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas Yet to Come will come to visit Mr. Scrooge in sequence.

Then, the ghost of Christmas past comes and takes Mr. Scrooge to his past, when, as a young boy, he was badly treated and always left alone in Christmas Eve, but his sister, the future mother of his nephew, loved him and brought him happiness in the cold Christmas night. At this moment, Mr. Scrooge realizes that he should treat better to his nephew.

And then the Christmas present, who comes with a feast, and brings Mr. Scrooge to go around the families of his employee, his nephew, and the poor minors. Much fun Mr. Scrooge has during these time and he begins to think maybe it is better to enjoy the Christmas, not to shun it. Also, he has seen the poor lives of his employee and those minors, and is astonished to know a cripple son of his employee is going to die within a year because of poor nutrition.

And finally, the Christmas Yet to Come comes, without saying any word, and takes Mr. Scrooge, now eager to see his future and the moral lesson, to the streets, home of an undertaker, and a graveyard. Mr. Scrooge realizes that just before this Christmas to come, he will die and nobody will take care of his carcass and nobody will say anything good to him. He becomes mad to the scene and cries out that he will change.

So now, Mr. Scrooge comes back to his life and it is just the Christmas day. He buys a prize turkey to his employee, he donates a lot of money to help those poor minors, and he enjoys the Christmas eve with his nephew and his family and friends. The next day, he raises the salary of his employee. And he treats the cripple boy of his employee as his son. The boy doesn’t die.

Everything becomes happy.

And now, I am watching a TV film of the same title. What a coincidence! Guess who plays the role of Mr. Scrooge? Patrick Stewart, the professor in X-men trilogy.

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