I am legend

There are some films which are almost played by only one person. A few years ago, I saw Cast away by Tom Hanks; this year, I am legend, by Will Smith. Right now I cannot recall any other film that is about a person, by a person, and for millions of theatre goers. Cast away was a box hit, so is I am legend.

However, this is a simple story and has been told before. The novel was published long, long ago, and this is the 3rd time it is adapted into a film. And the plot? Sounds nothing out of expectation. Technology develops, a deadly virus is created, and almost everyone is infested and dies or mutates. Those mutants look like vampires or werewolves, that they run and jump, die under sunshine, bite animals and humans (if any),  and spread the virus. An antibody is finally created by Will Smith (a sin admitted by a scientist has to be resolved by another scientist?), and he bombed himself so that another woman and her child, who meet with him just before the scene, can leave safely and turn the antibody to people in a haven the woman knows.

Will Smith acts as a young scientist who lost his wife and son 3 years prior to the story when the virus spread. He managed to live, with his dog Sam, in the huge city of New York, alone. He broadcasts to all AM frequencies, with hope it can reach another person (which finally it comes to the woman and her child), exercises indoor and outdoor, hand pumps gas out of gas stations, drives along the city with a gun, works hardly trying to find the antibody, for 3 years.

And he doesn’t believe this is guided by the GOD.

The woman claims she finds Will Smith by listening to the GOD, which is, as I just finished reading Richard Dawkins’ The GOD Delusion, an evidence that America, compared to Britain, is more deeply religious.


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