The Human Bat

Oh My God, but this is real. A 14-year old boy, Ben Underwood, from Sacramento, Calif., is blind. His two eyeballs were surgically moved out when he was only 2 or 3 years old because of cancer. But he has no problem to walk without a guide dog, ride a bicycle, play video games, play basket ball, fight Karate, etc. He is active almost as a normal kid.

The secret is he has, somehow, developed an echo-system. By producing the click sound continuously, he catches up the bouncing sound and "sees" the world around him. He "sees" the world just like a bat does.

But he is not the only one that has such amazing capability. At least another person can do this. I just wonder if the other person is also a black. My hypothesis is that, since all the white and yellow people comes from Africa, black people may remain the tremendous genetic variability, and may have more chance to become a human bat that develops an echo-sense.

Here is the links for youtube video parts of the documentary film

[Part 1]… (10:51)
[Part 2]… (10:37)
[Part 3]… (10:20)
[Part 4]… (10:34)
[Part 5]… (05:12)

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