10 Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

These rules are concluded by Temple Grandin, Ph.D., and Sean Barron, in their 2005 book Unwritten rules of Social Relationships: Decoding Social Mysteries Through the Unique Perspectives of Autism.

1. Rules are not absolute. They are situation-based and people-based.
2. Not everything is equally important in the grand scheme of things.
3. Everyone in the world makes mistakes. It doesn’t have to ruin your day.
4. Honesty is different than diplomacy.
5. Being polite is appropriate in any situation.
6. Not everyone who is nice to me is my friend.
7. People act differently in public than they do in private.
8. Know when you’re turning people off.
9. "Fitting in" is often tied to looking and sounding like you fit in.
10. People are responsible for their own behaviors.

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