A Handbook on Stuttering – Much Improved!

In his foreword to this 6th edition, Dr. Bloodstein claimed that, after the publication of the 5th edition in 1995, he did not have intention to make any revision. Obviously, things change and it’s our happy time to see this new version. Actually, nothing much has changed – except that, it includes some brain imaging research results (which strengthens the nature part of the etiology of stuttering), and more important to me, much of the writing has improved!!!

I say, this is the benefit of having a co-author like Dr. Ratner, who surpasses Dr. Bloodstein in writing. The 5th edition of that book is like a sleeping pill: The moment you pick it up, you begin to yawn; and just after 2 pages, maybe 3 pages, the eyelids cannot keep open. That’s why it takes years, maybe even longer time, to finish the 500-page book.

Dr. Bloodstein is not Dr. Van Riper, who wrote and published novels using pseudonym. Dr. Bloodstein is good at gleaning every seed, examine them in detail, and produce a full-page report on every seed. This is, as I said once, a demonstration of desperation. It is because we know nothing in depth of stuttering, that researchers like Dr. Bloodstein use a "brutal-force" method to make a detailed description and, hopefully, some reader may find some connection and give credit to his diligent effort. BTW, who can forget Dr. Bloodstein and his great work after taking so much pain to read his writing?

I am really glad that in this new edition, the writing is more smooth, even the 2-column pages seem easier to read, and, it is only $65.53 from Amazon, and I get it from the library for free.

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