Chances of your child’s stuttering

Even before I came to USA, I read something online that one SLP talked about the percentage of your child develops stuttering if you stutter. The percentage was quite specific but I never knew if it has any evidence.

Tonight I happen to read a paper of Andrews et al (1983) in which they reviewed research data up to July 1982. And they said, according to the pooled data from 725 families covered by Andrews and Harris (1964) and Kidd (1980), the best estimates of the probability of your child acquire stuttering if you stutter are:

You are a man, your baby girl will have 9% of chance to stutter, 22% for your boy;
You are a woman, your daughter will have 17% of chance, and your son, 36%.

I don’t know if there is any similar research. I kind of have a memory that someone is looking into the family history of stuttering and trying to produce a map of stuttering transmission within generations, which I believe, will help to build a genetic model of stuttering.

Definitely this is an interesting topic, but probably not beneficial to stuttering people. Will any fluent people seriously consider it before starting a serous relationship with a PWS? I bet some will, especially those living in the country where I come from. This might be a reason to increase the social discrimination toward stuttering, impede the difficulties of PWS to have romantic relationships.

But for the specific number. There is no reason to believe in them as it is better to get the general idea that stuttering mom will have more chance to have stuttering child, and more probably to have a stuttering boy rather than a stuttering girl. I have not looked into the original studies, but 725 families for this kind of study may not be enough; Bloodstein (1995) reviewed so many research of stuttering prevalence and the percentage varied greatly, not mentioning all the definition, measurement, and sampling procedures remain problematic.

Such study would be easy to do in China or India, as long as the help from local government is promised. Anyway, it will not be a problem to find large enough population and human labors are much, much cheaper.

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