Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Plagiarist?

Surprised to find this wikipedia article. I did not check the sources, but it seemed quite believable. My impression is that definitely MLK plagiarized in his doctoral dissertation, but the charge against his speech in "I have a dream" seems not reasonable.

What I don’t understand is why Boston University decided not to revoke MLK’s doctorate. I guess it was because MLK is loved and admired by so many Americans, black and white, and was awarded Nobel peace award at age 35. These are reasonable considerations, but not sound. I am sure anyone else, being not that famous and influential, could not keep the doctorate degree, because plagiarism is the worst sin in academic world and every criminal should be severely punished. In academia, there is no black or white, old or young, man or woman. There is only the passion for truth.

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2 Responses to “Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Plagiarist?”

  1. Erik Says:

    Interesting article. In case you\’re not aware of it, click on the Discussion tab at the top of any Wikipedia article to see what people say about it. Often interesting to read about the controversy and disagreement behind an article.

  2. Albert Says:

    Hi Erik,Thanks for telling me this and that about atheism. I did not feel like to write in English until recently (you see, the old posts are in Chinese), and I know there are a lot to do to improve it.

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