Just Before the Lunar New Year (Part 2)

It will be a new year after 1 hour and 40 minutes.

And I don’t expect it to come as when I was young, when I used to watch the dancing and singing in the Chinese Central TV show with family, after a big feast of at least 12 courses. Judged by today’s criteria, most of these courses were not well made and contained too much fat, but I just loved them so much. There was one time that I surprised many relatives and family members for having the best appetite of all kids.

I was about 10 or 12 and the day we went to a party of another relative (In China, those old people used to celebrate their 60th-year of life at home by having a big party and they invited every relative and friend). The feast had, of course, more than 12 courses. Most kids did not have the self-control; they started to eat everything from the beginning, and when the 5th or 6th course came, they were already full and flew outside the house to play with other kids while their parents enjoyed the other courses – the better half, generally containing the boiled whole chicken, pork flank, big fish, etc. I did not eat less than the other kids for the first half, and I stayed all the way till the end, knowing that better things always came later, and even when all the big people stopped, I was still waiting for the last course. The parents saw my eagerness and jokingly, they told me to have the whole chicken. I remembered vividly how big it was – at least 3 pounds. But I did not know it was inappropriate to keep eating when others stopped; all I could see was the chicken, the whole big one, boiled, looked like so delicious. I could not wait to have it; in fact, the second they told to have it, I pulled the plate to me, tore apart the poor thing, and started to throw everything into my mouth. Everyone was surprised to see such a small glutton.

But I was satisfied. I could not feel better with the stomach filled with meat and fat, and I wished I could have them everyday, every meal. Even at that night, when I could not sleep and rolled all over the bed, having the stomach pain, I did not stop dreaming to have that much of meat in the late days of my life.

At that year when I was 10 or 12, my parents could only buy meat, pork or chicken or fish, once in 2 months

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