Some Rants about Barack Obama

Super Tuesday. Clinton and Obama traded the victory. Obama won more states, but Clinton had big ones. Still a few weeks to go.

I don’t like to vote for Obama, provided that I have the right to vote.

My reasons:

1. I don’t like to be "inspired" or anyone that "inspires". I tend to see those inspiring leaders as dangerous- they may be able to accomplish big ends, good or evil. Take a look at Hitler. Was he a super-inspiring person? Was that a whole generation of cold-minded, humorless German turned on by his speech? And almost everyone who did not agree with him got killed or had to flee to America. Yes, there were also the Indian Saint Gandhi and numerous heroes in the history. But don’t tell me to look at MLK, JFK, or Mother Teresa.

2. I don’t think people should "unite". This is why I don’t like to talk about MLK or JFK. Strong evidents suggest that MLK received his doctorate with a plagiarized paper, and JFK had a wonderful love affair with Marylin Monroe. But nowadays they are revered as Gods and nobody could throw any rant toward them, or the angry listeners would tear the evil-speaker apart. This is another form of oppression or censorship. Some Americans may like the lefter idea, but I come from a communism-dominated country and I don’t like the lefter ideas. Not a bit. I think the essence of democracy is to accept and respect the fact that everyone has the right to dissent. And I wonder why Obama got as high as 95% percentage in the black race? Is that he has the capability of uniting the African-American? Or simply this is a reflection of racism?

3. I don’t like the racism in Obama’s supporters. More than 80% of African American voted for Obama, sometimes even 95%. I don’t believe it is because they all agree with Obama’s opinions. Let’s use Occam’s razor here. The simplest is the most beautiful. How about racism? It is understandable that African American united and voted for Obama because this is the first time that they have a serious challenger to presidency. But this is racism. As a black lady in CNN interview said, first she deemed herself as black, then a woman. Oh yeah, skin color does play a role, at least in the black community, and we don’t need pretend to be unaware of it.

4. I don’t like the image that it is either "white" or "black". I am glad to see that in California, white votes split, black voted Obama, and Clinton won by the help of Latinos and Asians. The white and the black tend to emphasize the while or the black, possibly because of the slavery and civil rights movements, but America is changing. The world is not black or white. Even, how can the black equal the white? Talk about population, influence, money, or whichever else, the white is still the dominating power. Black people need to see it, and they need to see Latino is approaching in population and soon America will be like "While, Latino and Black", and later "White, Latino, Asian, and Black".

5. I don’t like some of the dumb politics analyzers in CNN. They could not refrain from their racist’s opinions and they feel proud to speak for black people. I doubt if any white person in CNN could claim he/she feel happy for having a white candidate. And their logic is: if Obama were American president, then he would not allow Rwanda massacre to happen, as President Clinton did. Great! I hope they will not see a president originated from China or India or Brazil, or that hundreds of millions poor people would be allowed to flood to America to get a better living.

6. I don’t like the body language and the fluency level of Obama. Sorry to say that, but stutterers may be more sensitive to dysfluency and have less tolerance to dysfluency of a public figure, and least to that of a leader.

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