Why Obama should claim a history of stuttering

Debates exist about the stuttering of Winston Churchill. The only direct evidence I have ever seen is in the documentary of John Paskievich Unspeakable, where a video segment of about 10 seconds is included.

And I guess, years and years later, after Barack Obama said goodbye to this world, people who stutter, and self-help organizations for stutterers, would be eager to claim that he is a stutterer to become a powerful presidency candidate, if not president, of U.S. Oh he would become a role model for so many kids suffering from stuttering. See, B. Obama stuttered, but he became a great orator, and used his speech power to challenge the presidency.

So, he can, why not you?

And of course there will be some video evidence, like the victory speech I saw last night, after he won Wisconsin. Obviously he stumbled a lot on many first syllables of sentences, and showed numerous hesitation and secondary behaviors. Those dysfluent moments are no worse than those of Winston Churchill’s and sure will serve as strong evidence to support his stuttering problem.

I expect the forthcoming of another great great stutterer.


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