Bill Bryson: In A Sunburned Country, democratic debates, and tornado warning

Fourth Bill Bryson book ever finished, word by word. Bryson has an interesting sense of humor, which I think may not be totally American, or British. It seems more like a combination. When he talks about those world’s top lethal animals ever found in Australia, and driving 1,000 miles from Darwin to Alice Spring without ever seeing almost nobody, he holds the attitude that, as I image, and as he describes for a lot of times, just like when he sits in the only pub of the tiny town after a long journey in the sun, sipping beer with relaxation and joy, but with few, even none, of the other customers showing interest to talk to him, he has to talk to himself, or sometimes the waitress from Canberra, on topics probably only he thinks interesting. He has the curiosity of a kid, so he digs into every detail of trivial things he thinks funny; he has the gentlemanship from Britain, so he always looks at other people and the world from some distance and in a polite way; and he is, like a typical American, talking all the time, enjoying his humor more than others.

But this is the good way to write.

So in his books about traveling in American small towns and Australian sunburned deserts, although many things may be boring, tedious, monotonous, and boring… he makes them amusing to him, and amusing to me.


Hillary wins Ohio and Rhode Island, leading ahead with margin in Texas right now; Obama wins Vermont.

Obama’s momentum is gone; he will never become a US president; he will become a big joke. The presidency may go to GOP again.

As long as US is a redneck country, GOP will be the dominating party.

And anyone who takes advantage of cult-like something, is not behaving like a gentleman or a lady.


With the tornado warning, the television signal transmission was affected. For times, the screen froze. I was glad it was when Obama was delivering a speech.


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