“Even this piece of crap gets published!”

Today is St. Patrick’s day and I received an email from Folia
Phoniatrica et Logopaedica that my paper has been accepted for
publication. "Congratulations!"– from the editor’s office.

And my reaction is — "even this piece of crap gets published!"

Yes, I don’t like this paper, even though it is my first publication, even though I am the first author. I don’t like it.

have spent so much time on it. It is a questionnaire survey, simple and
straightforward, and it was my master’s thesis equivalent. But it took
me 2 years to get the thesis finished: I made up the questionnaire,
revised it 20 times, collected some pilot data, totally changed the
questionnaire, revised another 20 times, collected some data, and
revised the thesis equivalent for 40 times, page by page, line by line.
And it took me another year to revise the paper another 40 times and
submitted to this journal and that and finally got it published.

inefficient, totally unimaginable from my perspective years ago. Had I
known it would be so hard to publish the first paper, I would not come
to USA and pursue the degree.

Now I feel much better, because,
first, my writing in English has been greatly improved, and second, I
have got to know how to get a paper published. It’s not a myth. It’s
not hard to get some ideas, it will not be hard to write, and
methodologically I have been much improved. And I see not all published
papers are good. Some are just junks.

Like mine. The first paper
is a piece of crap, definitely; even I was hesitant to add the ToM
stuff. Use Theory of Mind to explain a questionnaire survey may not be
wrong, but probably it is an over-shoot. But the point is, there has
been many times that when I read a paper, I asked myself, "How could
this piece of crap get published?" Now I see why.

It’s either a by-product in the training process, or it’s really a piece of crap.


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