Why Blacks hate Whites?

It is something unique in north America and it is the highlight in this dem election. In recent days, because of fox news and youtube, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech has been widely heard, and B. H. Obama has to give out probably one of his most important speeches about race.

To my limited experience, I don’t think Wright’s hatred toward white America is singular. Maybe it is fair to say that this kind of attitude is widely accepted by blacks in America.

It has puzzled me, and has puzzled many white people, as I can see from reading the comments to some news reports, that why, after 150 years of civil war, the blacks still hate whites because the white slaved their ancestors. And there is the affirmative action, which intends, to some people, to give the blacks some benefit in exchange for the reconciliation from the blacks.

It seems it has not produced the expecting effect.

I have tried to find a reasonable explanation of the phenomenon. Why blacks hate white? And why this time they so evidently want to see a black president? Even though B. H. Obama is only half black. See, the Japanese invaded China in 20th century, killed 30 million people, and bang, the Chinese government during Mao’s time forgave Japan! They even did not ask for any war compensation.

With my limited intelligence, I could only offer this analogy.

Two kids had a fierce fight. The big white kid beat the little black kid. The little black kid hated the big white kid ever since, and wanted to give the white kid a heavy beat to make it even. The two grew up. The big white kid became an adult and the little black kid became a big kid. The black kid still wants to make an even but he is still small in size. The white man understands it was wrong to beat the black kid years ago and wants to find peace with him, so he gives the black kid some gifts and treats him fair and well. But the black kid thinks it will be even only if he beats the white guy and he despises the peace-seeking behaviors of the white guy. The black kid thinks: It is unfair for you to beat me so hard and hope I can forget it. NO WAY! I will forgive your wrongdoing after I beat you. And with the white guy is hanging out with the Latino kid and the Asian kid, the hatred of the black kid is even much stronger.

But if in the fight, the little Japanese kid gives the big Chinese kids a severe bite, the big kid will be much easier to forgive the little kid.

Now the black people’s attitude toward white people seems understandable to me, because I had such kind of emotions. The problem is, this type of emotion, attitude, or wish, is immature and unrealistic. The big guy will never let the little kid to beat him to wash his "original sin" — that may seem a big issue for the loser, but never for the winner, of the fight. I think the good and possible way is, have peace with the big guy, take advantages of all the help the big guy can offer, and wait to grow up. There will be a time the guy grows old, and the kid becomes a man. That will be the time to "revenge".


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