The most ugly Chinese student overseas?

Wow, I could not believe that CCTV, the central media of Chinese government, accused Miss. Qianyuan Wang as "the most ugly Chinese student overseas" in the homepage of its web site.

Here is a grab of the  page corner. The girl at the bottom is the 21-year old Duke freshman Qianyuan Wang, from a beautiful city in China, Qingdao. The caption says "The most ugly student overseas" – no need to indicate "Chinese" of course.

She has been accused by Chinese students and now the governmental media because a few days ago, during a demonstration in Duke, she tried to defend for the anti-Tibet group.

Pretty soon her speech was put online, her background exposed by other Duke Chinese students, and was accused – but also gained media attention that the National Public Radio interviewed her.

All the information I have got is from Internet. As far as I have read till now, I really cannot say much about her. But first, I don’t like what CCTV has done. It is ugly to say a Chinese 21-year female "the most ugly", though I have to agree that her behaviors has obviously hurt the feelings of many Chinese people.

The young netizens in China may be violent and irrational. They post more than act, they express hate more than understanding, they blame dissents in the name of country and nation, and they swear all the time. I have to say, this kind of attitude and behavior may be intentionally fostered by the Chinese media and government.

In the case of Wang, her personal information was revealed online, her parents were threatened and had to post an apology  letter to "the people", and some even sent emails with intimidation, or posted her photo as the "most wanted".

This is wrong. Of course the other Chinese have the freedom (or partial freedom for those in mainland China) to accuse her, but they should not reveal the private information, not give a death threat (although due to cultural difference, a death threat in China is not the same one in the West).

Personally, I don’t like Miss Wang. Her Chinese writing sucks!!! And I don’t like anyone who doesn’t respect the mother language (her English is pretty good though). She may have faked her application materials to get into Duke, may be too ambitious. In one word, she may be an opportunist, and being opportunistic is necessary to succeed at least in China. America doesn’t like this patent opportunism, but now the media need a voice like this. She caught this chance, probably to get a Green Card and media coverage, but with a dear cost. Imagine the social pressure for her parents.

I feel sorry for this young lady, but mostly, for her parents.


One Response to “The most ugly Chinese student overseas?”

  1. wang Says:

    Strongly agree!!! She is the most urgly and disgusty woman in the world.

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