Seeing Barack Obama

Next time being asked which celebrity I have seen, I will answer "Barack Obama".

Yes, I saw him, I listened to his speech, I shook hand with him, and right afterwards I left.

It was amazing to see the passion for politics, for elections, of the American people, especially, this time, the young and the African Americans. So many of them and so excited was them. In my mind, I was telling them, "Silence! Your holiness is coming soon!"

Still, the majority keeps silent. This is the real power of the American society.

I was a little uneasy of the organization of the rally. Everyone had to fill in a form, with contact information and choices of ways to help the election, such as to vote early, to host volunteers, etc. You cannot get into without this form. And, when the rally began, it was nothing but to ask for votes and sending cell phone number to them. Even when Obama came to the outside group, his speech was focused on calling for votes: the exact ways to vote for him. Of course, you can always give out wrong information and hence avoid harassment from the campaign, but whoever wants to fabricate personal information? These strategies are a little aggressive in my eyes, and I don’t like it. However, since Bill Clinton had spoken to the neighboring town already, and I lost that chance, I cannot compare the campaigning styles of the two groups.


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