P.S. I love you – Hillary Swank

I began to like Hillary Swank last summer. I watched The Freedom Writer, where she acts as the young high school English teacher that in order to teacher those African American and Latino and Asian kids, those who grow up from ghetto, that had been shot, raped, beaten, bullied, and also shot and bullied others, how to write, she divorced, fought with her supervisors, did 2nd and 3rd job out of school, invited a Holocaust survivor and writer to the class, and changed the lives of many of her class. That movie, in my eyes, is a great show of hope and courage, of devotion and love, and is almost a solo demonstration of Hillary Swank’s gift and passion in performance.

Then I saw this one: P.S. I love you. Hillary Swank, and Gerald Butler. Gerald Butler was the ghost in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s movie the phantom of the opera, and also the King of Spartans in the movie 300. I like his singing, and one of the best songs in the movie is this one, originally by the progue.

Of course, a love story is only a story, which means it does not happen to everyone, it is not often seen and heard. And even for this couple, Gerry and Holly Kennedy, so deeply in love, their love being so romantic since their first moment of meeting, with everlasting passions and not much hassles from parents, they have problems in their daily life, about money, about work, about house, about child, about Gerry’s singing, about Holly’s not singing, blablablah. They whine, they quarrel, they fight. Only after Gerry (Butler)’s death, that Holly finds out how much she is in love with him, and how much his laughs, his singing, makes her life happy.

Sad to see that, if Gerry doesn’t die, there will not be such a touching story.

Below is the scene when Gerry the Irish country boy and singer sees the colorful American girl who wants to create something whatever. They fall into love in the first meeting. It is really beautiful, perfect, unforgettable.


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