Carlos Kleiber – The Dancing Conductor

Carlos Kleiber was a conductor. Sadly, he passed away in 2004, so the only way to see him is on the screen. But watching his conducting makes me happy – it is like following him, walking in the spring garden, dancing around the flowers, singing to your loved girl. It just gives me all the great feeling of the happiness and joy of life.

His conducting style is different. It is like dancing. And I see he really enjoys the music, he loves the music. He conducts the symphony as if he wants to pass on his joy to the others. He smiles, he closes his eyes, he yells silently, and even with so many movements, he remains elegance. He is like a king, standing in the orchestra pit, commanding his troops, gaining one victory after another. I have seen some video recording of Leonard Bernstein and Herbert Von Karajan, and neither of their style is liked by me. Von Karajan conducts like doing a surgery, and while Bernstein does with passion, he might need personal guidance of choreography. Passion and elegance, these are things I have only seen in Carlos Kleiber. Of course, others may have these traits but have evaded my eyes.

Kleiber is a German. Obviously his spontaneous and inspiring performance contradicted my stereotypical concepts of Germany conducts – Thanks to von Karajan. However, according to wikipedia, Kleiber rehearsed meticulously. So he still had some typical Germany mind, and specially, with the rehearse, he could have more freedom to impromptu, and add his passionate love to the music to his personal style.

Here is a video clip of Radetzky Marsch, from youtube. For more, I’d suggest to have the 1989 and 1992 New Year’s Concert in Vienna. I got them in Shanghai, cheap!


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