Downgrade to Firefox 2.0

Ever since the first days of Firefox 1.0, I have been a loyal fan and endeavors to try everything new for this great web browser. Firefox is almost the perfect web browser I have tried and I always want to see it becomes better and better.

However, after updating to Firefox 3 weeks ago, including converting to the formal release on the Guinness-record-setting Pledged Downloading Day, I have become a little unsatisfied with Firefox 3.0 and decided to downgrade to Firefox 2.0.

The problems I have encountered:

1. After quitting FF3, most of the time it still remains in the memory. I tried to configure the browser, clean the add-ons, but neither works.

2. When I play online multimedia, such as videos from Youtube, if I close one segment and start another, the two sounds will blend. I don’t know how to completely turn off the sound from the first-opened video segment.

3. Most of the add-ons have been updated to be compatible in FF3. However, two of my favorites, Google screen saver, and realplayer video download, are not supported by FF3.

Of course, I will only downgrade it in my PC. FF2 works horrible in the mac, so I will keep FF3 in the mac.


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