F*$#king SQM client of Win 7

These days I have installing win7 64 bit on my new PC. I have not done so in years and I assumed, with the technological development in these years, the setup and configuration should be much easier compared to that 10 years ago.

It was true that the hardware setting was piece of a cake. All the computer case departments are well designed and easily assembled with new components. It did not take me long to complete everything, except that when trying to lighten it up, I forgot to attach the main power cable to the motherboard, therefore, I was unable to power it on, and thought that was because of the power unit failure. But that was just a small issue. I went to Bestbuy and got a new power supply unit, which came with a user manual (!!!), which provided me with the correct information on how to install it. (Did I ever install a power supply unit? Probably not, because previously when you buy a computer case, it always comes with a power supply unit and at that time, people don’t care much about the voltage of the power supply unit.)

Then came the nightmare. For about 4 days, I was doing nothing other than installing and uninstalling and then installing again Windows 7 64 bit and other software. It should not be a big problem for me, as I am quite familiar with Windows series and I installed it on a raw, clean hard drive. It just freezes so frequently, sometimes when starting up, sometimes when copying and pasting a large chunk of files, sometimes downloading updates. I rebooted frequently. Sometimes the reboot failed, and the system suggested to have a system repair, and I followed, and then it freezes again. Sometimes, when I chose to go into the normal startup, everything became alright, and soon froze again. I doubted if this was caused by hardware, so I tested; if caused by software, so I uninstalled and installed every other software; or the window services, and I was almost to undergo the systematic analysis of the services – that is, configure the booting processes, allow only half of the services, see if there will be any problem, locate the trouble maker in either section of the services, and then narrow it down. Suppose there are 256 services I need to analyze, and suppose they don’t interact, then I need to run 8 rounds of analysis. How long it will take? And in case if one mistakes, everything shall be done again.

So, I was pretty happy when finally, I came across this post that discussed the possible culprit, the SQM client service. What I did? Just search for “sqmclient” in registry editor, and remove every cluster with this phrase. Now it seems like okay, and I am still waiting to see whether this is the ultimate solution. Well, I know, for windows, there is never an ultimate solution. There will be problems all the time, even for the same symptom, each time the causing agent might be different. It’s just like life. There is no permanent solution before one dies.


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