Finally Win 7 works like a charm

After my previous post which incited the SQM client service as the culprit of frequent freezing up of the Win 7 system, I did a little more tweaking, because the system still freezes when I was browsing with Firefox, or listening to music with Zune. I tried to block a few non-Microsoft services and startup programs, after updating the Asus motherboard bios.

I have to suspect that the frequent freezing of the system was caused by the bios. Before that, I had a lot of problems with it, like after I set up the CD-Rom as the first to boot from, still the system booted from the hard drive, even when I inserted the installation disc. Now everything is just okay, and I am so glad. A 5-day work. I hope that it will not ask for more time.

Here is a list of things to do if I need to assemble another PC.

1. Read the manual.

2. Update the motherboard bios whenever possible.

3. And also other hardware drivers.

4. Install software with a little patience. So when it hangs, just wait for a few more minutes.


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