Bookstores@Washington DC

Ever since my 2005 3-day tour to Washington DC, I have rarely spent any time exploring this area. I have visited this place a few times, for the passport stuff, for seeing a friend, etc., and that was all.

I do still have a fond memory of DC. I remembered the tiresome walking and sightseeing around Smithsonian museums, the colorful display of the buildings at Georgetown, and of course, some of the fabulous bookstores at Georgetown.

This time I stayed at DC without much thing to do, so I had the leisure to discover something really nice without rush. Of course the first and most interesting things I have noticed is the bookstores. Here is a list of them that I have visited, and probably bought one or two books, and would like to visit in later time.

Kramerbooks and Afterwords –

A new book store, this place has a pretty complete list of Bill Bryson and Oliver Sacks. There was even a female guitarist singing Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes while I entered the place. Better, there are alcohols. It is in the Dupont Circle area.

Bridgestreet books –

I almost forgot its name, yet I have a vivid memory about 6 years ago, that they displayed some books, including the 2 volumes about Ig Nobel prizes, on the street. They still have a huge collection of great books, a lot of popular science books, probably more than that I have found in any train bookstore. Well, I would like to kill a lot of time there; however, I would buy from Amazon.

Bartleby’s Books –

This is at George town. They have many, many old and rare and hardcover books about almost everything. I did find the biggest collection of fishing books, except there is no Izaak Walton’s The Complete Angler (probably because it is never out of print?). Love it.

Capitol Hill Books –

This is the place C suggested to visit. It is not very convenient this time, simply because we stayed at Dupont Circle, and it is around Eastern Market, and we had to take the red line and transferred at Metro area for blue line, and walked a few blocks to get there. It is awesome, though. Everywhere there is nothing but book, the air is filled with the smell of old books (not very appealing when stepping into the door), and it is not easy to find a book because there are just so many and a lot of them are just stacked.
Spend some time, and I am sure I can find some really great books in very good condition.


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