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October 30, 2011

It is amazing to see how far-reaching this show is nowadays! Even Duke Chinese students made a video imitating the show.

The format of this show is quite simple and does not change over the time. It is like that a bachelor exposes himself to a panel of bachelorettes and be scrutinized by them. Of course a reasonable man will not imagine to find a match among 24 girls in 30 minutes, therefore this is more like a show for the bachelor and bachelorettes in hope to find a more suitable individual in other times.

This show is interesting to me not only because it can be quite entertaining (though sometimes boring and lacking taste), but it poses questions to me such as, how shall I present myself in just 2 short video segments? what I shall answer questions like the others asked? Some of these questions are very fundamental that I am sure that I had given some time pondering about them a long time ago. However, they are questions that need to be re-evaluated every a few years.