No windows 8

I have tried Windows 8 a few times. Installed it on my big laptop, on my Dell laptop, and on my Toshiba ultrabook last night. And I feel that I have to say NO to this version.

It is just too awkward to use. The UI is not intuitive any more. I have to google answer for a lot of simple actions, like “how to close an app,” “how to restart your computer,” and “how to search for apps in the apps store,” etc. There might be a steep learning curve and after a certain time it would not feel so painful to use Windows 8. However, I have already tried a few times, although each time I had to convert to Windows 7 in just a few days, and I have not gained the confidence of using Windows 8.

So I called Microsoft to ask for a refund. I am done with it. I will not try to waste more of my time.

Another deep consideration to support this idea is about the purpose of having a computer. Is it for productivity, for entertainment, or both? I have a big laptop dedicated for gaming and productivity, and this laptop should be used mainly for productivity, which requires fewer distractions. Windows 8, by combining apps and traditional programs, seems to be a weird combination of productivity and entertainment. The apps are very distracting, I have to say, which makes Windows 8 not a good product for productivity.


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