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Significance of Year 2012

December 9, 2012

2012 is an amazing year in my life.

In this year, I had a baby girl Aria. She is my angel.

Health is an important them. I had my first major accident, which hurt my ankle badly and cost me 3 months and $5,000. My gallbladder was surgically removed, and so did my umbilical hernia (I never had any suspicion of this problem before). Two episodes of cold struck me, and the first one even caused Bell’s palsy, which lent me a great experience to discuss in my neuro class. Finally, I was diagnosed with allergies to dust mite, dog fur, and tuna – Now I know what have caused my problems!

There were ups and downs in job performance. Good things were that, first, I can tell that my teaching has improved a lot, especially for speech science (yes, just like my fluency, I don’t need an external judge to tell me). Secondly, One paper was published and two were submitted or re-submitted (the one that is actually not my work). Thirdly, a 3-year contract was signed. Forth, finally it is time for me to go off-site training. This semester’s in-house training gave me some practice on child-raising, which is definitely useful. The not that good things included: First, two grant application were submitted and afterwards mercilessly denied. Secondly, someone thought it not good for me to fail students who came in without proper preparation.

Other things notable include that I finished the garage, almost single-handed by myself (with the help from Mr. Cheng the handyman), and I have started to set up a wood workshop there. I have re-built the big table to make a dining table.